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L.03 Barbera Manifesto

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Flavor: Black cherry, blackberry, plum. A rich vanilla, mocha, chocolate, maple, molasses smoothness & flavor. Some black pepper spice but just a hint. Overall, a very balanced, smooth style wine with a smooth palate and low tannins, definitely not a heavy style red. An incredibly lush, smooth finish that is so rich and full it can pair with red meat, dark sauces or a dessert. Winemaking Notes: Barbera fermented naturally, aged on a mix of French oak, American oak, cherry & maple. Food Pairing: Fruit (peach, plum, blackberries, cherries) & mild soft cheeses (cheddar, swiss, munster), “white bread’ crackers such as Ritz. High % cacao chocolates (do not use sweet chocolate, which make wines taste bitter & sour). COCOA-RUBBED PORK: pork tenderloin (or firm tofu) crusted in salt, pepper & cocoa powder, served w/ hoisin or plum sauce. GRILLED STONEFRUIT: mixed dark stonefruit (cherries, plums, nectarines) drizzled w/ salt, pepper & olive oil, and grilled. Trail mix: fruity, nutty etc. Life Pairing: Dinner with friends al fresco on an autumn or spring night. Moments of inspired creativity, perhaps writing your life philosophy down as a personal manifesto, or creating & living your life by your passions. A sensuous evening with your lover full of wine & food & relaxation.

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Meet the Winemaker

Kevin Luther


Lucid Wine

“My first memories are all on farms & gardens. Picking fruit from the orchards where my father worked as a farm hand, being lifted in the air to pick higher fruit from the vines. Running barefoot in our organic gardens and eating fruit & veggies fresh off the plant. Connected to nature.