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L.08 Red Blend Wanderlust

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Flavor: Blackberry, fig, plum jam, peppery spice. Our oakiest wine, with about 50% new French & American oak plus some sweet cherry wood bringing an almost vanilla-chocolate-berry quality to the wine. There is also a late-harvest jammy character which comes from the high ripeness of the fruit when it was harvested and a port-like character which comes from the long aging of the older vintages in this blend, while the younger wines in the blend bring a bright fruit aromatic that keeps the wine feeling fresh and luscious. Winemaking Notes: Our “Foothills blend,” the Cabernet brings the backbone and richness and spice, the Barbera brings a smooth fruity quality and some acidity, and lastly the Zinfandel contributes a blackberry-jam, blackberry-pie ripe character. Together, they represent the best that the foothills have to offer. Food Pairing: Steak, sausage (meat or vegan) or mushrooms as above, especially on the grill/bbq/smoked. Jerky (meat or veggie) teriyaki or smoked, smoked bacon (meat or veggie) or grilled tempeh. Pepperoni pizza. Whole grain crackers or toast with creamy mild cheeses & jam (berry jams ideal, chili-berry jams are ideal if you have access) or figs.PB&J Bites: Matches the jammy, smoothness of this wine Life Pairing: Being adventurous, traveling, camping under the stars with your lover, good conversation by the campfire. A bbq with friends & family on a lazy Sunday. Don Draper in a steakhouse lounge.

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Kevin Luther


Lucid Wine

“My first memories are all on farms & gardens. Picking fruit from the orchards where my father worked as a farm hand, being lifted in the air to pick higher fruit from the vines. Running barefoot in our organic gardens and eating fruit & veggies fresh off the plant. Connected to nature.