Damian Priday, Founder and CEO

Damian is the founder of Vynlyf. A reformed global nomad, Damian spent almost all of his family vacation time in South Africa where they would spend a lot of time visiting the Cape’s wine regions. At a relatively young age Damian came to Boston to do a MBA and after a couple of stints at tech and design startups, he decided to jump head first into the wine business by working from the ground up in retail. His close interactions with wine lovers as well as winemakers visiting town is where the idea for Vynlyf began to take shape. In his spare time Damian can be found following his favorite sports, Soccer and Rugby. When not on a soccer field he can be found at home jamming on his guitar and pretending he was in front of a sell out arena. If you need to know, his favorite band is Mastodon and his favorite wines are Carignan and Syrah.

For general enquiries about how to work with Vynylyf you can email him directly at damian@vynlyf.com

Steph Thomas - The Wine Lovers' Community

*cue Philadelphia Freedom* One of the most important things to know about Steph is that she hails from Philadelphia. Philly’s a beer city, so her introduction to fermentation (aside from the dazzling amount of cheese she ate as a child) was beer. On a trip to France, Steph caught the wine bug, and while she still enjoys beer and cheese, wine is her favorite thing. She wrote about all three for her senior thesis (and if you ask to read it, she’ll emphatically send it to you), and spends a lot of time making cheese boards and coming up with fun pairings. Her experience runs the gamut from diplomacy to investment marketing, but she finds the wine community to be the absolute best. When she’s not geeking out about natural wine, you can find Steph on a run or tending to her plants, all of which are named after Arrested Development characters.

Steph is our marketing and community guru! You can reach her for any questions about marketing or press at steph@vynlyf.com

Chelsea Franzel, Helping Wineries Grow

Born and raised in Sonoma County, I guess you could say that Chelsea was destined for the wine industry. However, it wasn’t until escaping corporate finance, gallivanting around the world for a year, and making the move to Denver that she found her place in the wonderful world of wine. After learning both the supplier/import and distribution sides of the 3-tiered system, she is very excited to be a part of the Vynlyf family and looks forward to helping connect consumers to amazing small production wineries! When she isn’t working on Vynlyf, you can find her sipping a glass of wine while planning her next international adventure!

Chelsea is the winery and winemaker's best friend! If you want to list your winery on Vynlyf or have any questions on how to do so reach out to her at chelsea@vynlyf.com