Bello Family Vineyards

Rutherford, CA

Our Story

Bello Family Vineyards is a small, family-owned winery in Napa Valley producing extraordinary wines from an estate vineyard. The dream was set into motion when Michael Bello purchased a piece of prime real estate in Napa Valley’s Rutherford Bench district. Intent on transforming his passion project into a tangible reality, Michael began working toward his goal of producing nothing less than a premium Cabernet Sauvignon of the highest quality imaginable. Since that time he has been joined by his son Christopher Bello, and the two have combined to create a powerful force in the industry. Rising to the top requires a prudent blend of hard work, perseverance and passion—the recognition that a simple focus on doing what you love equates to a life well lived, free from the demands of work. At Bello Family Vineyards, we like to think our drive and passion for making wines of the highest possible quality shines through in every bottle, and we hope you will agree.

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PO Box 508, Rutherford, CA, 94573

Meet the Team

Michael Bello


Legend has it that once a champion has a taste of success, settling for less is unacceptable. This clearly exemplifies Michael Bello. Emphasizing an unsurpassed level of hard work, quality and high ethical standards, Michael started his career with a residential construction company. Passionate about living life to the fullest, his remarkable business achievements enabled him to achieve two lifelong dreams; to own a champion racehorse and produce a champion Napa Valley wine. A master at attaining his goals, Michael’s dream to own a champion racehorse was realized in late 2001, when he purchased a small thoroughbred filly named Megahertz. Comparing the similarities of real estate development to wine making is a favorite subject for Michael, who enjoys managing the transformational process of building a seed into a beautiful wine. With a love for sharing the experience of making and enjoying wines with other people, Michael has never looked back since founding Bello Family Vineyards. He invites you to join him for a guided tour and, of course, a sample of some of the best that Napa has to offer.