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Dundee, OR

Our Story

Human Cellars was created after more than 20 years of wandering the earth. It began with working with underprivileged farmers in Africa, Asia and Latin American and later in wineries in France and Germany, where the founders crossed paths with exceptional people who overcame adversity through uncompromising perseverance and passion. We were, and still are, heavily influenced by the profound experiences with these individuals and strive to honor them in every step of winemaking- from vine to bottle. Each wine produced by Human Cellars is dedicated to these little-known humans who have changed the world for the better and is an attempt to reflect their extraordinary personality and achievements. Furthermore, all wines are produced following biodynamic principles to contribute our small part in making the world a better place.

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19200 NE Trunk Rd, Dundee, OR, 97115

Meet the Team

Bryan & Emily Berenguer

Owners and Winemakers

One can follow many paths in a lifetime, switching trails with different life phases. Bryan and Emily believe that life is not static and should be driven by passion. They follow that philosophy in the elaboration of all their wines.

Bryan started in the research lab of a large pharmaceutical company, until an unexpected offer took him to work in a remote corner of Thailand. For the next 18 years he worked with underprivileged farmers in Africa, Asia and Latin America, until an unexplainable feeling pulled him towards Europe to work in the wine industry. After several years, he finally felt the call back to the USA and settled in Oregon. For Bryan, cellar and vineyard cannot be separated- the process of making a bottle of wine always begins in the field.

Emily has always loved culture, art and the outdoors. She fell in love with organic farming and wine while working on her friend's organic farm in France. Later, she spent years in Portugal working as a teacher and translator and became a student of Portuguese culture, language She's been on a journey into the World of Wine ever since, from translating a book on the history of Portuguese wine and doing her first harvest in Portugal to growing grapes and now making her own wine.
Bryan and Emily live on their small biodynamic farm in the Dundee Hills AVA of Oregon.

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